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Where to find us

We are located behind the Onnuri Church on Yale. Parking is available through the alley off of Yale (between Santa Monica Blvd and Broadway).

Our Facility

Our facility is cleaned and maintained according to the state and city regulations. We use Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes to sanitize toys throughout the day, and again at the very end of the day when we stage for our following day of fun.

Our facility is one room containing areas designated for age appropriate play. We have a nap room that uses blackout curtains, a sound machine and an air purifier. In our nap room each child has their own individual crib or cot.

We have a separate changing room where children’s diapers and creams get organized into personal labeled baskets. We also have a canopied outdoor area.


Our kitchen is also equipped with baskets labeled with your child’s name so we can organize food that gets brought in daily. We have refrigerator and freezer space that we use to meet our families needs.

LCI will provide all spoons, forks, plates, bowls, sheets, blankets, mats, cubbies, baskets, and filtered water for all food needs.


LCI will NOT provide food outside of our daily offered snacks, water bottles, baby bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, and creams.

Book a tour with us

Please note if you are looking to schedule a tour with us for the following day, cut off to do so is 5 pm! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Tours will be closed May1st-June 30th 2024 and will resume July 1st 2024

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