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About Us

LCI provides a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate program which strives to foster active development supporting the whole child and their family. We aim to accommodate each child’s individual rate of development in a child friendly environment. We care for children ages 16 weeks to 24 months.

Our hours are 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday

Tuition cost is 2,500 a month

Our Goal

The goal of the Lighthouse Center for Infants is to express the love, care and compassion of Jesus Christ to all as we endeavor to provide developmentally appropriate and excellent quality care for the infants and toddlers assigned to our care.


Belief Statement

The LCI is affiliated with the Lighthouse Church located at 1220 20th St. in Santa Monica. Click here to visit


As members of The Lighthouse Church:

We are a Bible-believing, Jesus-centered, Spirit-filled, family-focused Christian Fellowship Ministries Foursquare Gospel Church and School.


Our center is affiliated with The Lighthouse Church Schools in Santa Monica, therefore, we will observe the same holiday schedule unless otherwise posted.  


We are also affiliated with Connections for Children, a subsidiary program available to families with young children. You can find them here:

Our Philosophy

LCI sees each child as an individual maturing at his/her own rate, and it is our goal to value and encourage each child as they grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  


There is much for children to learn and discover in the world around us and with God’s help, we work together to stimulate and challenge children’s interest and curiosity! We accept the challenges and privileges of facilitating a child’s growth and in discovering God’s word as we partner with parents in every aspect of their child’s maturation and development.

We believe that as parents, you are responsible for the training of your child. Our desire is to partner with you! Each staff member has a desire to participate in the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of your child.


All staff members have completed licensing regulations for their position meeting California state licensing requirements. All staff members have either fully completed or are working towards completing their Early Childhood Education. All staff are committed to learning and growing through continued education that is offered from multiple affiliated agencies. All our staff have CPR certification including First Aid training. Furthermore, our staff is dedicated to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your child.

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